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Have you ever stopped to reflect on how much depends on shoes? Posture, elegance, smooth waist and back functioning, comfort. Have you ever stopped to reflect on the times you have had all of the above? Probably quite a few, and that was most likely after spending hours on end searching here and there for that pair of shoes which would be the perfect fit, the desired colour, the right feeling on your feet. Wise choices on shoes are time consuming and exhausting! Limit your search! Go for Tod’s if your time matters! If style matters! If character is the word that represents you!

The established firm with the long history has never dropped its standards, refuses to underestimate its buyers’ aesthetics and good taste, will not submit to providing something less to perfect! Fully handmade shoes of top quality textures and bright, original combinations of colours slide along with classic options and impress our senses once we get to look at Tod’s catalogue. From the fine moccasins, the most recognizable feature of Tod’s sale, to superb heels and sandals, the range is such that you will have difficulty choosing. And that is so for a number of reasons.

Tod's outlet
Tod’s outlet

The air of Italian finesse that the firm carries in its genes since the 1920s, the handmade molds, materials that respect the body’s need to breathe, designs that stand out, shoes that respect your hard earned income and are made to last. Tod’s shoes for men feature driving shoes of great comfort, moccasins made of soft, rich suede or more sturdy leather ones, lace up shoes and lace up ankle boots that are a unique blend of tradition with a generous touch of modern adjustments. One cannot help wondering how that is achieved. It takes time, effort and a lot of creative minds to produce shoes beyond the purpose of wearing them!

Because Tod’s outlet is not just to be worn. It’s to be part of who we are. It’s lifestyle! You will understand that better if you are a woman wearing Tod’s. From morning slip once and ballerina flats to eye catching heels and impressive sandals, you will find it hard to do without them. Shoes that you can walk on for hours on end without ever complaining of tiredness and fatigue, without backaches and night massages to relieve the pain on your feet, sandals that are the safest choice when it comes to either formal occasions or personal encounters, shoes that follow your pace and allow you to breathe effortlessly!

Tod's outlet
Tod’s outlet

Discreetly feminine but also such great fit and balance. And there’s the children’s options as well, based on the same philosophy and always respected motto: elegance, convenience, safety! Give yourself the luxury of wearing Tod’s! It’s more than a pair of shoes! It’s more than the need to protect your feet from weather conditions. It’s manifestation! It’s lifestyle! Undisputedly!

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