How I Fell in Love With Tods Gommino

Tods Shoes

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Finding the right shoe is like being in the dating pool. There are so many people and so few of the right kind.

You know the kind I mean. The kind you want to be around all the time. The ones you can be comfortable with, even if you never speak a word. They can look anyone in the eye with an unflappable confidence that only comes from knowing who you are. They attract people to themselves, just by being who they are, not by yelling about what they can do. This is how I fell in love with Tods Shoes.

I travel quite a bit for business so I’m often on the go and my shoes have to keep up. I kept finding a pair of shoes I thought I could love forever, but they’d wear out within a year or so and it was like dating all over again. Finally a friend of mine convinced me I was looking in the wrong places. Finally I decided to try a pair of Tods Shoes.

Tods Shoes
Tods Shoes

My first pair were Tods Gommino driving shoes in leather. Not only were they comfortable, they got a lot of compliments too. They were easy to slip off in the airport security line and provided a relaxed, unfussed style I had never experienced before. Of course I had to buy a second pair. Today, I have 3 pairs of Tods Shoes in three different styles. So what made the difference for me?

Tods Shoes are all made in the Italian town of Cassette d‘Ete where Diego Della Valle, Tods Shoes head, was born and his grandfather worked as a cobbler. Each step in making a pair of Tods Shoes is a careful process, much of it done by hand. This refusal to take shortcuts in the over 100 steps it takes to make a single pair has made Tods Shoes a name in quality. Because of the careful craftsmanship, the classic style of Tods Shoes gets more charming as they get older, which gives them a timeless sense of style unmatched by other brands. I’ve been wearing the same pair of loafers for 10 years and with a little care, they look just as stylish as the day I bought them.

Tods Shoes
Tods Shoes

There is a sort of familiar confidence when you’ve had a pair of shoes that long. You know them, and they know you. You can walk into a room with your head held high, knowing your feet look and feel great. It’s a fantastic feeling I never knew before. With my Tods Shoes, all I need to do is keep them maintained. A little resoling, some quality shoe cream and a polish keeps my Tods Shoes in perfect condition, and knowing I don’t have to break in another pair of shoes is a welcome relief. At last, I can stop the perpetual shoe “dating” and turn my attention to what really matters.

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